Saturday, 26 February 2011

This time next week I will be a bit nervous !

Well, for me the running week is over, I'm working all day tomorrow and won't get the chance for a run so I have been out today instead.

This week I have run a total of 13.6 miles split between two runs...

After last weekends 13 mile run I felt too tired to run on Monday, I also managed to hurt my neck/shoulder at some point last week and moving my head and arm was quite painful so a couple of days rest seemed like the best idea.

On Wednesday I ran 8.21 miles on the roads around Steyning and I could feel that I hadn't fully recovered from Sundays long run even with two days rest in between so I decided to skip running Thursday and Friday so that my neck could completely recover and the rest of me could catch up. I have felt quite tired this week but I haven't managed to get the early nights I was planning and the pain in my neck was waking me up each time I moved.

The good news is that the extra days rest seem to have paid off and I had a good run of 5.39 miles today. Even better is that I completed it in the best time ever over this distance averaging 9:58 per mile. I was quite surprised because I felt I was running quite slowly, I thought about 11 mins per mile, but then when the runmeter app told me my average time after 15 mins it was about 10:30, after 30 mins the average was 10:15 and it just got better from then on. Apart from the fact it rained. It wasn't just little raindrops but heavens opening you are going to look like a drowned rat type rain. I don't mind running in the rain, there can be something quite exhilarating about it but it was quite windy as well. Maybe this is what sped me up for the last mile and a bit home !

So, the running gear is now drying on the AGA again, I have dried out and I'm planning next weeks running..... At the moment I'm planning on two runs, Monday and Wednesday.. Monday about 3 miles and Wednesday about 5 miles.... Then lots of early nights before the half marathon on Sunday. In a way it is strange to think it is so close. I have been planning and training for this for months, with the continuing rain we have had I know it will be wet and muddy... But I also know I can cope with that so long as I'm a bit careful with my footing....

Anyway, these are two random photos :) the tune belt iPhone holder I use, seems to keep it dry in all weather and it doesn't rub holes in my arm like my old belkin one used to (model ab82 if you a interested) and my wet clothes drying on the Aga..

I also saw the first few spring lambs today. I will make a point of stopping and photographing them soon before they grow !

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Running with an Iphone4

I run using my IPhone and the most useful app that I have found is runmeter

As well as recording the data as to how far and how fast I have run it also works with Google maps to show the route. All the data is saved and you can compare previous runs to your current run. There are various audible announcements that can be configured at set intervals to let you know your average pace, how long you have been running and the distance you have covered.

One of the best features from a safety viewpoint has to be it's ability to email someone at regular intervals with the data from your run including unlink to goggle maps that shows your current position. I mostly run on my own and it is nice to know that if I ever fell and hurt myself someone would a)notice and b) know where to start looking !

The following are some screen shots from the app of my iPhone.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

2 weeks and counting

Well, my trainers are back draining in the sink before sitting in front of the AGA to dry out. Yes, it was muddy. Some of the puddles aren't quite as deep but they have been replaced by that trainer grabbing mud...... I have found that in general running in the tractor tracks gives you a better surface for grip but just occasionally they hide muddy puddles that are a bit deeper than you are expecting, you know that lovely, milkshakes consistency mud that when your foot goes down deeper than you were expecting fills you trainers.... I had to spend a while with the nail brush scrubbing the mud out from under my toe nails after today's run !

Today's run is the furthest I have ever run, 13.47 miles in 2:44:03. If i can repeat this time for the half marathon I will be within my target time of 2:45 but I know the difference that the weather can make and I also know that it can be a difference of a few seconds per mile that makes the difference......

So, in total this week I have run 26.84 miles split over 4 runs as follows :

Mon - 2.45 miles
Tue - 5.47 miles
Fri - 5.46 miles
Sun - 13.47 miles

Next week is my last full week of training before the half marathon. With work commitments it is unlikely that I will be able to get out for a long cross country run so I am going to try and fit in two 5 mile runs and two 8 mile runs, this will give me another 26 mile week.....

One thing I also noticed this week was the bird song... Far more this week than last week and it looks as though some of the trees and shrubs are coming to life.. I even saw the first of the yellow gorse flowers this morning... I'm really looking forward to the nicer weather !

This is just a quick photo taken on my iPhone of some of the sheep I passed on my run today :)

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Strange but true....

I decided to weigh myself before and after my run on Tuesday....

The result was I lost a whole one pound in weight.... What this really
equates to is a one pint fluid loss. Considering I didn't feel that
hot when running and it was raining and cold that is quite a loss over
a five mile run.

What I can work out from this is that over the length of the half
marathon I will lose between two and three pints. Now I think that is
quite a bit really and will need to make sure I drink at least half
that amount on the way round so I finish the race in a reasonable
state.... Well, as reasonable as cometely knackered is likely to be !

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

3 weeks to go....

Well, with only 3 weeks to go I really do need to keep to my training schedule. This last week has gone quite well and I have managed a grand total of 26.41 miles made up of the following runs:

Mon - 4.75 miles
Wed - 8.16 miles
Fri - 2.75 miles
Sun - 10.75 miles

Today's long run was cross country along the start of the HM route before heading over to Chanctonbury Ring, across to Cissbury Ring and then home.

The mud is the worst I have seen so far and made it quite difficult in places... And in some places the path was totally submerged in knee deep water.... Even if it stays dry for the next three weeks I can't see the route drying out much, all the fields round here are totally saturated and it is still raining.

Once I got up on to the top of the Downs I realised how windy it was, I could feel myself being blown sideways running along the ridge at the top of Chanctonbury, it didn't get much better running towards Cissbury, I was running directly in to the wind and the rain was stinging my face. I did however realise the benefits of wearing the right clothing for the conditions ! The Nike top that I have is superb, it is windproof and water resistant, it has a half zip at the front and is also breathable. This meant out of the wind and rain I could unzip it a bit so I didn't overheat but running in to the wind and rain I had it zipped right up to the neck and it kept the wind off and I wasn't aware of getting soaked by the rain ! It also has thumb holes in the sleeves and bits I can put my fingers in to keep them warm, for me this works far better than wearing gloves and keep taking them off when I get hot and putting them back on when I get colder ( normally running in to the wind and rain )

There is something quite exhilarating running in bad weather, maybe it is knowing that when I get home I will be in the warm.

This is the first cross country run I have done since new years day and I was pleased to knock about 8 mins off my time since I last ran this route, it must mean that the general road running I have been doing has made a difference. I have also now worked out that I need to carry about 500ml of drink with me for the HM. I know there are drinks stations and lots of people don't carry anything with them but personally I think I would like to be able to drink when I want to and sip at it when I'm running rather than wait until a drinks station. Today I know I was a bit dehydrated when I started running, and still felt quite tired from a long day at work yesterday so I did take more drink with me than usual. The extra weight to start with is a bit annoying but I thought it was necessary.

If I can maintain today's pace for the whole of the HM I should be able to do it in under my 2:45 target. I will be thrilled if that happens !

Anyway, next weeks goal is 27 miles....... And I want to try and improve my uphill sections of my long Sunday run :)

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Location:A very muddy Steyning !

Thursday, 10 February 2011

100 miles !

I have just realised that my run last night took me over 100 miles so far this year :)

In the whole of 2010 I ran a total of 442 miles after starting running at the end of April so I can see I have upped my mileage.

Happy Days

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

4 weeks to go......

Well, this week I have run a total of 15 miles split over 3 5 mile runs... I have missed one short run due to work ( and me feeling knackered !) but apart from that I'm on track and following my training schedule :)

I know to lots of people the distance and speed I'm planning on running is normal but for me to complete this half marathon will be an achievement, I've gone from a complete non runner to the HM is under a year.

When I started running my aim was to be able to run a 5 k race for life event... Now it is a half marathon !

Next week my training picks up a bit with the mid week and weekend runs getting longer... I will need to make sure I start having a few early nights to recover, especially as I know I have some long working days coming up as well :) my target mileage for next week is 25 miles.. That leaves me another two weeks of full training before a week cutting back before the HM... It is all starting to seem scarily soon.....

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