Sunday, 6 February 2011

4 weeks to go......

Well, this week I have run a total of 15 miles split over 3 5 mile runs... I have missed one short run due to work ( and me feeling knackered !) but apart from that I'm on track and following my training schedule :)

I know to lots of people the distance and speed I'm planning on running is normal but for me to complete this half marathon will be an achievement, I've gone from a complete non runner to the HM is under a year.

When I started running my aim was to be able to run a 5 k race for life event... Now it is a half marathon !

Next week my training picks up a bit with the mid week and weekend runs getting longer... I will need to make sure I start having a few early nights to recover, especially as I know I have some long working days coming up as well :) my target mileage for next week is 25 miles.. That leaves me another two weeks of full training before a week cutting back before the HM... It is all starting to seem scarily soon.....

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  1. I can't work out if you're
    a) Mildly obsessed
    b) Mentally challenged (in a nice way of course)
    c) Fabulously supercharged
    d) a bit of all 4!!!!!!!!

    Keep on running Lisa

    Liz x

  2. I don't feel fabulously supercharged some mornings.... so it must be a mix of a) & b)

    You may have noticed that after this half marathon there isn't another one listed this year :)


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