Saturday, 1 October 2011

One week tomorrow.....

A week tomorrow I will be running my next half marathon. I'm kind of hoping that it isn't going to be 30 degrees C.....

I haven't managed to fit in much running this week, mainly due to work but also a mix of tiredness and maybe a glass of wine or two too many... So, after a week like that I know I should have done more preparation than I have... And I know it is too late so I'll just have to dig deep, take a deep breath and see what I can do.

The plan for this week is a few shorter runs (5-7 miles) and the club session on Thursday with lots of healthy eating, early nights and NO alcohol.

The good news is when I finish the half marathon I will get a t-shirt, bar of chocolate and a bottle of beer :) all of which will be gratefully received... The chocolate won't survive the drive home and I know someone who will be quite keen on relieving me of the beer... So, the only real surviving momento will be the t-shirt.

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