Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day

So, it is Mothers Day today... So I was up fairly promptly to get out for my long run :) I planned on increasing my distance a bit today and ended up covering 12.74 miles.I used my Garmin to track my route and heart rate and tried to keep my heart rate between 60 & 70% of it's max... I'm still getting used to this and I think it will take me a bit longer.. I did find that I needed to slow down on the uphill sections and speed up on the downhill bits ! I also still haven't worked out my max heart rate... I'm using the max it has been so far plus a little bit, I hope to do a more accurate measurement this week..

It was really a gorgeous day to be running, and I was out in shorts and t-shirt again, at one point the sea mist started coming in but the sun did break through. Over the next few weeks I will have to make sure I remember the sun cream !

If you look in the column on the right you should see links to my recent runs :)

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