Monday, 11 April 2011

What have I just done.......

Well, I have just entered the 2012 Brighton Marathon. Why ? I'm not entirely sure but I will be training with, and running it with my daughter, Holly.

So, I now have a year to train... for me that should be just about long enough.... At least this way I can increase my mileage gradually and make sure I am capable of completing it.

My target time is between 4:30 and 5:00... Am I allowed to feel nervous already ??

My long run yesterday was 14.36 miles (details posted below) so hopefully I should be able to build on this over the year... guess I will be reading all the marathon running for beginners guides and taking advice from seasoned marathon runners (one person springs to mind immediately :))

This blog now takes on a whole new purpose... to track my journey to become a marathon runner.

PS My total for the week was 23.36 miles, next week will be less partly due to work and I am also running at 10k race on Sunday instead of my normal long run...

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